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Improving Energy Efficiency for Commercial Buildings

With energy prices continuously on the rise, and climate change becoming an ever-increasing issue, it's no surprise that many commercial property owners are being encouraged to reduce their energy usage. Increasing your building's efficiency can have a huge range of benefits.

While lowering your building's and business' carbon footprint, increasing the efficiency of your building can save you money on your energy bills, reducing the running costs of your building and saving money for your business, improving your bottom line without making any compromises. Here are three effective methods to boost your building's energy efficiency to save money for your business.

HVAC Upgrades

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are essential for controlling the environment of your commercial building, greatly increasing the comfort of your staff and visitors. But older HVAC systems can be hugely inefficient when compared to more modern systems. Upgrading your system can improve the overall efficiency of your building, while improving air quality.

Once installed, HVAC systems are often overlooked when analysing your building's efficiencies. Upgrading or replacing your building's HVAC system to a more modern system can have a range of benefits, improving energy efficiency, comfort, and reducing the running costs of your commercial building. Click below to read more about our energy efficient HVAC installations.

Building Management Systems

As approved partners of Centraline by Honeywell, we install Building Management Systems (BMS) throughout the UK. A BMS provides an effective tool for your building, allowing you to monitor and manage your energy usage. Seeing where and how your energy is being used allows you to implement energy saving strategies, helping improve your building's efficiency.

Identify where your building is using most of its energy, and implement energy saving plans to reduce your bills and improve your bottom line, with a Building Management System. Click below for more information on the benefits of a BMS. 

Renewable Energy

If you're struggling to keep costs down for your commercial building, installing a renewable energy solution could be the answer.

Generating solar power is a very popular form of renewable energy. Solar power converts energy from the Sun, and can be used to generate electricity, or provide hot water to your building.

Air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular, and can be used to provide sustainable heating to your building. Many buildings can use these energy sources all year round, with no backup system.

There are a huge range of renewable energy solutions available, perfect for providing energy to commercial buildings. Click below for more information on different types of renewable energy solutions. 

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