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  • Intelligent Building Management Control.
  • Save energy on heating, cooling & lighting.
  • Approved partners of Honeywell Centraline.
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John Wright M&E Controls Division

At John Wright Electrical and Mechanical, we offer BMS – Building Management System – Installations throughout the UK. A Building Management System is an automated management control system which can monitor and control mechanical and electrical equipment in your building.

Installing a Building Management System provides you with the tools to effectively monitor your energy consumption. This allows you to see where your energy is being used, allowing you to implement strategies to help your building and your business become more energy efficient. Optimising energy management strategies and improving efficiency through efficient resource deployment helps you minimise your operational costs and simplify any relevant training.

A BMS control system controls and monitors a wide variety of mechanical and electrical equipment, including:

  • Ventilation
  • Lighting
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Power Systems
  • Fire Systems
  • Security Systems

Using Centraline technology, all of these elements can be integrated into an intuitive graphical user interface, allowing the user to easily control and manipulate time schedules, view and act upon any system alarms, view system variables and change any set points if required. For more information on optimising your energy usage with a building management system to save money, speak to one of our team using the button below.

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Approved Partners of Centraline by Honeywell

John Wright Electrical and Mechanical Services Ltd are approved partners of Centraline by Honeywell, supplying, installing and engineering a large range of controllers, supervisory systems and Building Management Systems. Centraline is one of the fastest growing brands in the integrated building management industry. Being an approved partner allows us to provide expert installation of Centraline’s cost-effective building management systems for commercial buildings throughout the UK.

Centraline offer a range of industry-leading supervision and energy management solutions, helping reduce energy wastage and improve operational costs. At John Wright, we provide expert installation of Centraline systems, helping you save money on energy bills for your company.

One of the biggest energy consumers in commercial buildings is lighting. In partnership with Centraline, John Wright install lighting control systems as part of our building management systems. Lighting control systems allow for automatic and wireless control, helping save you money on energy bills, installed in new builds and retroactively fitted into existing buildings.

The data gathered from monitoring these systems helps you see where energy is being used and put together a strategy to minimise wasted energy, cutting down on emissions and saving you money.

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