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While BREEAM Excellent Standards assess the design and construction of new building developments and conversion of existing plants and buildings, new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) came into place earlier this year. These new regulations are set to affect all privately rented properties in England and Wales.

MEES regulations have been in place since the beginning of April 2018, requiring landlords to ensure the energy efficiency of a property has an EPC rating of "E". The regulations apply to privately rented residential and non-domestic properties, and will extend in April 2023 to cover all leases, including where a lease is already in place. Landlords will have to increase energy efficiency of their property to comply with new regulations or face fines up to £150,000.

At John Wright, our team offer design, installation and maintenance services for a wide range of green energies. Our team can help you meet ever increasing energy efficiency standards for new build projects, conversions or existing commercial properties.

Green Energy Sources

 A popular energy source used to increase energy efficiency is solar. We install solar energy systems to convert light energy from the Sun to either power or heat the water in your home.

Generating electricity produces heat which is usually wasted. Combined heat and power (CHP) systems capture this usable heat, providing locally produced heat and electricity.

Heat pumps are another commonly used system to help increase energy efficiency. Recently, air source heat pumps have been able to heat homes through the year with no backup system. Meanwhile, ground source heat pumps use pipes buried underground to extract heat from the ground, used to heat radiators and the water in your home. A ground source heat pump can be used all year round since the ground stays at a fairly constant temperature.

We also design and install biomass systems to anything from homes to large business and schools. Produced from organic materials, biomass can be used to power central heating systems and heat water boilers for an energy efficient heating solution.

Our division Holme Energy Services specialise in the installation of renewable technologies to residential properties and small commercial properties, while at John Wright, our Green Energies division design and install green energy solutions for new building and conversion projects, helping your property stay up to date with all regulations.

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